app design portfolio

We are excited to announce that we now also provide iPhone, iPad and Android Apps available via a full design and develop process, specifically tailored to your corporate requirements…

Please contact us now to discuss your needs and we guarantee you will be impressed with our industry-beating pricing structure.

In April 2013 launched an iPhone/iPad app for scheduling your cleaning duties around the house. The app is currently available in German and will soon be available in English as well.
Putzplan on the App Store

In March 2013 launched an iPhone/iPad app for learning German business vocabulary. The app makes use of the iAd network.
germanVoc on the App Store

In November 2012 launched an iPhone/iPad and Android app for the Derwentwater Foreshore Project. The app displays pictures and multimedia files within a map and a panorama. An upcoming version will use GPS tracking to display information based on the user’s location.
DFP on the App StoreDFP on Google Play

In July 2012 launched an iPhone and iPad app for women in labour for recording the duration and interval of contractions with one click. This app is available in English and German.
CTimer on the App StoreWehenTimer im App Store

BBikeApp_NationalTrustWWH_smallWordsworth House
The UK’s National Trust engaged our German Associate to design, build and launch on the Apple App Store for Spring 2012, a medium-complexity App with Audio Tours, Photo Album, News, Museum Maps and much more.